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Biodiversity Week 2014

Biodiversity in the midst of the urban sprawl - don't be appalled

You see a drain overgrown with weeds, but bend closer

See, curious tadpoles with the glittering eyes of a thousand jewels.

Strain your eyes towards the morning sky, and try

Catch a flitting glimpse of a scarlet crest of a what bird is that?

Learn the names of birds, and bees, and butterflies,

and a butterfly is not a moth and you can't call a skipper both

Meet trees with graceful names like Red Lip and Sea Almond

Penang Sakura, Golden Shower, girls you wouldn't pass by again

Without saying hello, wherever you may cross paths once more

Or trust enough to keep still and let the quiet things alight

A falling leaf, a damselfly, the sounds and scents of the evening-night.

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